At Railroad Cleaners, we do much more than simply clean and fold your clothes. We’ve got a wide variety of services that will make sure your clothes are in the absolute best condition after we get our experienced hands on them! Our team is able to handle the toughest stains, tricky clothing repairs, laundry emergencies, and more! When you trust us you’re trusting a team with years of experience that will treat both you and your laundry with the utmost care and respect.

Read more about our many services including:

clothes hanging on rack

Professional Dry Cleaning

With our state-of-the-art machines we’re able to efficiently clean batch after batch of clothes in an efficient manner that will clean your clothes in no time!

3-piece suit

Expert Tailoring and Alterations

Accidentally rip your favorite shirt or is your dress fitting a little loose? We’ve got professional tailors on site six days a week for alterations.

stacked folded clothing

Wash and Fold Laundry

Are you tired of spending hours handling your laundry? Let us do it for you to save you the time and convenience and have outstandingly cleaned clothes.

our delivery van

Pick-up and Delivery

If you’re within five miles of our shop, we will happily pick up and deliver your clothes for you! Having perfectly cleaned clothes has never been more convenient.

what appears to be a leather coat

Leather and suede cleaning and restoration

It’s frustrating when leather or suede items get dirty. We can restore your leather and suede items and keep them looking like new!

stacked folded blankets

Household items

Whether it’s a bedspread, blanket, covers, or more we can clean your tricky household items with the love and care necessary so that they look their best.

nice rugs, really brings the room together

Area Rugs

If you’ve got a lot of foot traffic through your home, your area rugs can take a beating. Never fear, we’ve got you covered with expert area rug cleaning solutions.